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Business back office:
Age 22 to 30 years old, college degree or above, good image, good temperament, the height above 163, international trade or English major.Cet 6, familiar with modern office software, to assist the department manager and the management of department.Responsible for contract review records;Production sales task orders;Management of the sales contract (in accordance with the requirements of the contract, tracking production, sending and collecting payment, etc.);Customer satisfaction survey analysis;Plan, organize and carry out such work products and brand marketing solutions.

Quality inspector:
Job requirements:
1. College degree or above.2. Work in the quality of more than a year, familiar with all kinds of measuring instruments and related test equipment usage.3. Have independent judgment ability, the actual operation process known as preferred.4. Be familiar with ISO9000 and ISO4000 is preferred.
Job description:
1. Complex company of raw materials, finished goods inspection, including the sample and the reinspection do not coincide.2. In strict accordance with the drawings and check the process perform inspection.3. All inspection records should be carefully, clear, detailed, no altered.4. Analyzing bad product quality, continuous quality improvement Suggestions and opinions.

Warehouse keeper:
Job requirements:
1, steadfast, careful, responsible.2, the basic operating warehouse management system software.3, have team spirit, obey the work arrangement.4, the honest code of honor, strong ability to adapt.5, who lives in hangu is preferred.
Job description:
1, in strict accordance with the wi to operate.2, material goods: new materials to the goods according to the invoice detail for sorting, report, if any abnormal points after inspection.3, after inspection, the goods shelves, according to the description to check physical goods (and with the original shelf relative ratio), clearly marked after do inventory in the system, check the quantity, description, on the physical objects and documents are consistent, clear marking if there is any inconsistency for the difference between single handed over to warehouse warehouse clerk.4. Stock up: according to the invoice number material of the materials found on the system status, to the corresponding location on according to the number to pick material, picking, it found that the goods are unusual, timely report to check, after the goods ready in the system "off the shelf", on the record after the invoice fill in clear, ready for the cargo on the designated area after the shelves, and the documents (if there are any abnormalities, clearly marked) over to the packing, inspection.5, packing: check the material and whether the invoice is consistent, whether have special requirements, according to the different requirements of customers, when confirmed to pack on the system to do, playing, printing, packing list, packing, delivery, will print the label posted on the corresponding material bags, boxes, tape will be carton sealing, ensure carton in good condition without damage, sealing good carton on the pallet with coaming protection, put the packing list, packing belt, packing list, packing found when the goods have is unusual, timely report, packed cargo on the specified delivery area, and fill in the sheet of sign after receiving STH to cargo loading is finished, will be signed with the customer sign for single, picking orders, stock up and shipping inspection records at the next day to agent.6, obey leadership arrangement of other work.7, to comply with the requirements of the management of the company (including the schedule), wear work clothes and work shoes, language civilization.

Production staff:
Male, above senior high school culture (diploma to true), height above 1.7 M;20-35 years old, need to have factory work experience, has the good team cooperation spirit;The work is earnest, a strong sense of responsibility, clear thinking, dexterity, savvy high;Can bear hardships and stand hard work, obey leadership arrangement, cooperate to work overtime;Honest worker, understand mechanical is preferred.

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